• Arrested for brawling over ‘queue-jumping’

    Waiting in lines or queues has been a major community problem. Download and Use QTix App to manage the queue jumpers!! and avoid brawl!!

  • Bad weather ruining your busy weekend trading?

    The customers are not willing to wait outside and getting wet. QTix is your solution! With QTix, you can offer them freedom to wait somewhere more comfortable without risking no shows. Contact us for trial! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Beauty of using QTix

    The beauty of using QTix is you could do anything (even sleeping?) while virtually wait in line.

  • Bring back customers by offering more freedom with QTix

    Long queues not worth the wait at Melbourne’s food hot spots, readers say. But, you can bring back those customers by offering more freedom with QueueTix.

  • Diners are increasingly unwilling to stand in line

    Cafe and Restaurant owners, use QTix and let your customers to run other errands and send a SMS notification when ready to be served. It will decrease the perceived wait time so, the customers are willing to wait and return.

  • Google will now tell you how to beat the queue

    By searching for the name of the place you’re looking to go in Google, the blue bar that typically shows you opening hours and contact details will now also show you a new bar chart. The bar chart will now show you the peak times underneath the information in a new feature called Location Cards.

  • Government plan lets you skip airport queues with a fee

    A plan to allow wealthy airline passengers to avoid long airport queues will bring more visitors to Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says.

  • How to manage the queue post Covid-19 lockdown

    One way to slow the spread of viruses, such as coronavirus, is physical distancing. Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household.

  • Less customers in the queue? There is a reason for that

    Most significant outbreaks of cold weather in 60 years in southern and eastern regions of Australia. But don’t worry, QueueTix can help business to bring those customers back as customers are free to do shopping or wait for their turn in someplace warm instead of standing in the queue or hovering around the host stand.

  • Privacy Policy Update

    We, QTix (QueueTix), believe your privacy is of the utmost importance to us so we’re keeping you in the loop with some changes we’ve made to our Privacy Policy.

  • QTix (QueueTix) Provides Effective Queue Management Solutions and Revolutionize the Way We Wait in Line

    Waiting in lines or queues has been a major community problem and has proved to slow down our economy. Imagine how many things you could get done instead of waiting in line.

  • QTix | Queue Management App Can Help You and DMV

    Too often we are facing the similar situations as the video.

  • QTix has been used in various industries

    While we have a strong presence within the hospitality industry, the wait problem isn’t just here and we’ve been working hard to help other businesses.

  • QTix released promo video with how to tutorial

    Check out our new promo video with how to tutorial!

  • Save Time and Money with QTix

    Waiting in lines or queues has been a major community problem. Imagine how many things you could get done instead of waiting in line.

  • Solution to the queue problems

    There is a solution to this queue problem = QTix app, try it today!! We been helping various businesses to efficiently manage their queue and solve queueing problems for their customers.

  • Stop the guessing game with QTix

    Have you always wonder where you are in the queue and your progress?

  • Sydney lady sent a robot to queue for her iPhone 6s

    That’s the idea of one Sydney lady who had her iPad lining up for her outside Apple’s Australian flagship store on George Street in Sydney.

  • That’s NOT the way to stand in a row

    That’s NOT the way to stand in a row! Use QTix (QueueTix)™, the future way of queuing and it gives freedom to wait wherever and however you want.

  • The last person in the queue should be served first, WHAT?!?!

    In a paper titled "The curse of the first-in-first-out queue discipline", economists Trine Tornoe Platz and Lars Peter Osterdal argue that the best method of serving a queue is to serve the last person first.

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