Cafe and Restaurant owners, use QTix and let your customers to run other errands and send a SMS notification when ready to be served. It will decrease the perceived wait time so, the customers are willing to wait and return.

They say good things come to those who wait, but it seems Sydney diners are increasingly unwilling to stand in line. With more options for dining out and online booking at people's fingertips, fewer diners are willing to queue for restaurant tables, food blogger Joe Tavella said.

"People don't even want to wait for their coffee in the morning, let alone for a restaurant," Mr Tavella, one of the 2 Hungry Guys, said. "People have things to do. They're becoming less and less patient. They're less likely to go somewhere that's making it harder for them to sit in and eat."


QTix app is available through the Google Play and Apple App Store.