Waiting in lines or queues has been a major community problem and has proved to slow down our economy. Imagine how many things you could get done instead of waiting in line.

The solution is here, presenting QTix (QueueTix), a uniquely designed queue management app which solves our wait problems while offering an effective queue management system to the businesses. The app comes with multiple benefits for both the businesses and the customers.

It is a mobile integrated system that enables users to take a queue ticket and virtually wait in line. The app allows user to see their real time progress in the queue and notifies them via SMS text message or in app push message alerts when ready to be served. QTix frees you up to run other errands or simply wait somewhere more comfortable. It will reduce walkaways, grumpy customers and no-shows which helps maximizing turnover and improve satisfaction of services.

QTix is such a smart system provides a true assistance in managing the queues effectively so that focus is placed on serving customers and run business smoother. It is quite simple to set up the queues or waitlist in QTix and automated features keep the list going and organized rather than peek through handwritten paper list and waste time on phone call.

One of the reviewers says, “Big thanks for the great queue management app! QTix (QueueTix) is very helpful for managing customers in line especially when we are busy. It is very intuitive, powerful and packed with all the right options. Our customer seems to enjoy using this app as well!” such review enables to grab the attention of new users and tends to download it. It's a significant improvements to our bottom line profits and convenient for the customers.” he added.

It’s a win-win for every parties involved.

While café and restaurants are the most used places for an app like QTix, the app can be used across various types of businesses such as schools, retail stores, hospitals, banks, theme parks and among other places where waiting is common.

The app is available through the Google Play and Apple App Store.