WHAT IS QTix (QueueTix)?


QTix (QueueTix)™ is a smart queue management app with booking system, save time and money by replacing the expensive and ineffective pagers, call-back and juggling papers to manage waitlist, line and booking. The system helps businesses to manage queues and bookings efficiently and effectively which frees you up to focus on serving the customers and maximise turnover.

Also, QTix™ saves you time by giving freedom to run other errands while waiting and notify you when ready to be served. QueueTix™ can be used across various industries such as cafés, restaurants, retail, hospitals, banks, theme parks and many others.

Download QTix app for FREE to manage or join a waitlist and booking instantly while save time and money.

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QTix (QueueTix) provides effective waitlist, booking and queue management system to make your customers happier and run business smoother. It will reduce walkaways, complaints and no-shows which helps to maximise turnover and dramatically improve productivity and customer experience.

Mobile & tablet integrated system

No more big upfront investment in pagers, chunky system or juggling papers to manage queue and booking

Fast & customer friendly services

Intuitive system that eliminates the high labor costs associated with staff manually managing queue and booking

All-in-1 queue & booking system

Full control and monitoring of queue and booking with database, live update, auto notification and support multi-languages


Live progress update & reminder

Reduce perceived wait time so, the customers are happier and willing to wait and return - improve profitability

Improve customer experience

Wait can be enjoyable, no need to wait impatiently under the hot sun, cold weather or in a boring waiting room

Increase the revenue

Reducing walkaways and no-shows by 50%, shifting excess demands to off-peak hours and increasing turnover

HOW QTix (QueueTix) WORKS


Experience full benefits in just a few steps with QTix (QueueTix) system on your mobile phone or tablet.


ISSUE TIX (stores)

Only takes a few seconds to set up a queue or waitlist under ISSUE TIX tab.

Enter the store name
Enter the required information as a question e.g. Name? or Pax? (for iOS, simply put a country code (e.g. 1 (US) or 61 (Aust), number only) in the requirement field to activate SMS)
Press “ISSUE TIX” button to create the queue or waitlist

Tap store name to see the waitlist to add customers or send a custom SMS notification. Alternatively, press to display the full screen instruction for the customers to join.


MY TIX (customers)

Using QTix app to join the queue is easy as 1-2-3 with just a few taps.

Use the store code or scan the QR code to search their queue
Answer the required information (if any)
Press “TAKE TIX” button to join the queue

Voila! Now, you will be able to check your live progress in the queue while do shopping, have a wander or do other things you like.


Booking and Reservation

Streamline your operation with QTix online booking management system.

Effectively convert website visitors into actual customers
Tailor to your operating hrs and booking preferences to maximise utilisation
Receive bookings anytime and easily manage it via QTix app to send email or SMS confirmation with one tap

Seamlessly incorporating online booking into your website / other online form and make business operation easier than ever before.


TRY QTix (QueueTix) FREE


Grab your mobile phone or tablet, download QTix app for free to join a queue instantly and save time. For businesses, it takes less than a minute to set up and takes only seconds to manage the queue, waitlist or booking.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a demo, trial and set-up of QTix app for your business. We provide the technology, advice and ongoing support you'll ever needed. Whatever your business or industry, we can help!

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